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"More than half of fatal crashes occurred on roads with posted speed limits of 55 mph or more, while only 22 percent of property-damage-only crashes occurred on these roads. -2000-";

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"One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time."—John Wanamaker

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Underage Drinking is a Big Problem

We Don't Serve TeensDid you know? Most teens report that alcohol is easy to get? Including 62 percent of eighth graders, 83 percent of sophomores, and 92 percent of seniors. The web site, provides parents and others with tools and information to reduce teen drinking and related harm.

Most teens who drink get alcohol from “social sources” — at parties, from older friends, from their parents’ cabinet. Teen drinking is linked to injury and risky behavior. We need to reduce teen drinking by stopping teens’ easy access to alcohol. Don't serve alcohol to teens. It's unsafe. It's illegal. It's irresponsible.


To learn about the alcohol laws in your state Click Here. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act is the federal law that sets 21 as the legal drinking age. In addition, every state has laws that set the limits for alcohol purchase, possession, and consumption by those under 21 within state boundaries.


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