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"Among children under 5 years old, an estimated 316 lives were saved in 2000 by child restraint use. Of these 316 lives saved, 282 were associated with the use of child safety seats and 33 with the use of adult belts.";

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"The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after."—Newton D. Baker

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10 Fuel Saving Tips

SuicidePumperWhether you drive a gas hog or an economy vehicle consider trying these gas-money savers.

  • 1. If you think you'll be idling for more than 30 seconds, shut off the engine. Obviously you're getting zero miles per gallon while the vehicle sits. It takes less gas to re-start than it does to idle.
  • 2. Drive gently. Accelerate smoothly and brake gradually. Keep your speed steady and don't tailgate.
  • 3. Drive the speed limit. This one can save you money in traffic fines and/or collisions as well! Vehicles can get as much as 21% better mileage at 55 mph than at 70 mph. At $50. per fill up this translates into $10.00!
  • 4. Reduce the air drag by keeping windows up. Use aerodynamic luggage carriers like a Thule. Remove the roofs racks if possible.
  • 5. Where ever possible, use alternate means of travel: bike, walk, car pool, mass transit. This also saves money in parking fees.
  • 6. Remove extra weight from the vehicle. 100 extra pounds can cost up to 1/2 mile per gallon: 19 1/2 mpg instead of 20 mpg.
  • 7. Keep tires inflated at the correct pressure. Look at the sidewall on the tire to know what it takes. Also consider buying tires with lower rolling resistance and radials. Driving on the right tires can save you more than $100. per year.
  • 8. Change your oil regularly according to the owner's manual.
  • 9. If your car can run on regular fuel (check owner's manual) you can save 20 cents more per gallon. Don't make the mistake of believing your engine must perform better on premium grade.
  • 10. Get organized! Try to shop where all your purchases can be made at the same area. Minimize special trips to out of the way spots that won't handle most of your needs. Shop and decide by using the telephone, internet, newspaper ads or catalogs instead of cruising from store to store.

We can't ignore the rising cost at the gas pumps. None of these tips are difficult and it all adds up to saving fuel and money.

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