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Crash Facts

"Nearly 95 percent of the 11 million vehicles involved in motor vehicle crashes in 2003 were passenger cars or light trucks. -2003-";

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"I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun."—Thomas A. Edison

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Safety Tips



The Game: Driving Skills for Life by Ford Motor Co.

The web site,, includes four study modules and a quiz, car care videos, several interactive games, and enhanced curriculum noting the importance of eco-driving to personal safety and the environment.

10 Commandments of Driving

10 Commandments of Driving


Graduated Driver Licensing for Teenage Drivers

Drivers license A significant percentage of young drivers are involved in traffic crashes and are twice as likely as adult drivers to be in a fatal crash. Sixteen-year-old drivers have crash rates that are three times greater than 17-year-old drivers, five times greater than 18-year-old drivers, and twice the rate of 85-year-old drivers.

My Motorcycle Put Me in a Wheelchair

TomWheelchair September 17th, Saturday— An overcast, but warm, late summers day. The last day of my life as I knew it. I had turned 21 the month before and was looking forward to my trip to California. Where I would attend the Musicians Institute for Guitar. All the arrangements had been made. I had already been playing guitar for 16 years and had dreams of becoming "A Rock Guitar legend."

I had been told by many that I had great musical talent. Unfortunately, I also possessed a propensity for speed.

Driving is a Dangerous Activity

Death cCossesDriving a motor vehicle in the United States is the single most dangerous activity that we participate in on a daily basis. Every time we get into a motor vehicle there is the potential of being killed or maimed. A son, a daughter, a parent or a friend could be killed in a split second, because they took their eyes off the road, or took a chance, or didn't have the experience to handle an unexpected driving event.

If a vehicle drifts just five to six feet, it could result in a head-on collision; over 40,000 people die yearly in motor vehicle crashes! Many of these are young people.

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